Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Pricing
  2. Appointment for Tours
  3. Custom Build
  4. Flooring and Appliances
  5. Cabinet Knobs and Handles
  6. Metal Roofs, Log Siding, Stucco, Stone & Brick
  7. Additions to Existing Homes or Just a Garage
  8. Basements, Concrete Work & Utility Hook-ups
  9. Porches & Garages
  10. Wood Burning Stoves & Fireplaces
  11. Outside Wardcrafts Coverage Area
  12. Do you Finance Homes
  13. How Can I Expidite my Home?
  14. Do you have 4 -5 Bedroom Home Plans?

1. Where do I get Pricing for my New House?
You MUST talk to an Authorized Wardcraft Project Manager or Builder. We will get you in contact with the one in your area by calling 1-888-927-3272.

ONLY a Authorized Wardcraft Project Manager or Builder can give you pricing specific to your county and state. You will not find pricing for our homes online. Because we do not list pricing, anything found online should be deemed inaccurate, here is why:

This is a custom home, even if it is an inventory home, there are still many variables to be factored in, such as cost of moving the home to your site (this could involve coordinating and moving of lines from electric companies, telephone companies as well as rail road permits, moving of road signs and escorts) which varies depending which county and state you live in.

Ballpark per sq ft pricing can be given ONLY by your Authorized Wardcraft Project Manager or Builder. If you need know who yours is please call 1-888-927-3272 or e-mail info@wardcraft.com to get the name of your builder who is the only one who can supply you with pricing. Pricing given will be specific to the specs of YOUR home only. Therefore one customers ballpark per sq ft price may not be YOUR ballpark per sq ft price. Things that will affect the price of your home are:

  • Square footage
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Roof pitch
  • Moving to your home to your location.
  • On site work such as garage and porch.
  • Cabinets (wood, door style, staggered or straight, distressing, roll-out trays etc)
  • Options including tile, windows (style, series, grilles, blinds), sinks, faucets, tubs, trim style and wood species, door style and wood species, lighting fixtures and undercabinet lighting, countertops, side splashes in bathrooms, tubs, showers, caddies, seats, mirrors (wood wrapped or standard), toilets, railings, half wall design, hardware for doors, outlets (standard, decora, usb or smart), thermostat, furnace, a/c, storage benches and fireplaces.
  • Exterior finishes and details such as material used and eaves, gables, trim, soffits and siding.

*THERE IS NOT SET PRICE for a plan in our catalog or on our web-site due to these many variables including the cost of inflation.

These are all Cottonwood plans. One plan can look VERY different depending on preferences, windows, front door, exterior options such as brick, stone, roof pitch, gables, porches (including porch railings) and garages. All of which factor in to pricing.

2. Do you need an Appointment for a Tour?
An appointment is not necessary to take a tour of the plant. However if you would like to speak with an Authorized Wardcraft builder about your home, it is very important to schedule an appointment. This would include any questions about pricing, time frames, specific plans etc. While some Authorized builders are located at our facilities, others are located throughout our coverage area.

You can schedule an appointment by calling 1-888-927-3272 and dialing 1 for sales. If your are traveling a far distance we HIGHLY advise an appointment to make the most of your visit as the builders may already have appointments scheduled, especially on a Saturday. Please note a tour of the plant takes approximately an hour.

3. Do you Custom Build?
Yes! Wardcraft builds custom homes, though it is important plans lend themselves to modular construction due to moving restrictions. You can sketch out your own plan and bring it in or modify our plans to suit your needs (we have over 100 on our web-site where you will find all of our plans, our catalog features a limited amount) Anything marked NEW on our web-site indicates a new plan that came out since the publication of the catalog.

Modifications you can make include taking out or adding a tub, making a shower larger or different (roman, adding doors, tub/shower, size etc) or the placement of sinks, vanities, fireplaces, dishwashers, ovens, closets, walls, as well as room sizes etc. Kitchen islands and pantries can also be changed to suit your needs and we showcase many of the possibilities in our catalog. Laundry rooms and pantries are often something that are made larger to suit customers needs. You can choose to add pocket doors vs swing doors, or casement windows vs single hung and add or move windows. In other words don’t discount a certain floorplan because the master bathroom does not fit your needs, modify it. Need more space in a plan, modify it.

The original kitchen from the Alexandria I is to the left. To the right is a modified kitchen to create a more open feel moving the sink, wall and adding a larger island. You can modify any floorplan.

4. Do you do Flooring and Appliances?
We can provide microwaves, dishwashers, hood vents and garbage disposals. All flooring is to be installed on-site and is not handled by Wardcraft.

5. Why don’t you do Cabinet Knobs and Handles?
As everyone’s preferences for this placement varies, cabinet knobs and handles are something the homeowner selects after the purchase of the home and is not done by Wardcraft.

6. Do you do Metal Roofs, Log Siding, Stucco, Stone or Brick?
We do not but we can prep your home for this to be done on-site.

Metal roofs can be installed by others on-site.

Log siding can be installed by others on-site.

Wardcraft Homes can be prepped for stone or brick to be added on-site as shown here (Cottonwood plan shown).

7. Do you do Additions to Existing Homes or just Garages?
No, sorry we do not, we focus on construction of new homes only. We do not build garages in our factory, only on-site for those who have purchased a home at the same time.

8. What about Basements, Concrete Work and Utility Hook ups?
No, we do not, this would be the homeowners responsibility.

9. What about Porches and Garages?
Yes, these can be included in the pricing of a new home but will be completed on-site by a qualified Wardcraft set up crew. However open timber porches will have to be built on site by others.

Porches are built on-site. This image shows a Clay Center III B version porch being built.

10. Do you install Wood Burning Stoves or Fireplaces?
No, instead Wardcraft supplies gas fireplaces from our selected vendor.

11. I Live Close to Your Coverage area, Would You Consider Building in my Area?
No, Wardcraft reviews our coverage area and adjusts to suit where we can best service our customers. Should your home site be far away or just over a county line from one we do service, we apologize but a lot of forethought went in to whether we could indeed cover your area already.

12. Do you Finance Homes?
No, Wardcraft does not finance homes, you would need to get fiancing from a bank or other source.

13. How Can I Expidite my Home?
Get a loan confirmation and pay a deposit. These homes get moved to the front of the line. You can also choose the options we include with most plans, and save drafting time.

14. Do you Have 4-5 Bedroom Home Plans?
Yes! Simply go to Floorplans on this site then choose 4 bedrooms from the menu. Want a 5th bedroom on a different plan? Add it to the basement OR look for plans that can esily be modified to add another room. The easiest way to add a bedroom to an existing plan is to convert an office and add a closet.