You MUST talk to an Authorized Wardcraft builder. We will get you in contact with the one in your area by calling 1-888-927-3272, or if you have a catalog, open it up to our Welcome page (page 3) and there will be a sticker that has your builders info on it. Also if you have not gotten an e-mail with your builders info, you want to check your junk folder.

Your builder info is located here on page 3 of our catalog. This is the person to contact for pricing.

ONLY the Authorized Wardcraft Builder can give you pricing specific to your county and state. You will not find pricing for our homes in the catalog or online. Because we do not list pricing, anything found online should be deemed inaccurate, here is why:

This is a custom home, even if it is an inventory home, there are still many variables to be factored in, such as cost of moving the home to your site (this could involve coordinating and moving of lines from electric companies, telephone companies as well as rail road permits, moving of road signs and escorts) which varies depending which county and state you live in.

Utility lines must be raised in some cases to get your house to it’s destination, this will affect pricing.

Ballpark per sq ft pricing can be given ONLY by your Authorized Wardcraft Builder. If you need know who this is please refer to the graphic above or e-mail to get the name of your builder who is the only one who can supply you with pricing. Pricing given will be specific to the specs of YOUR home only. Therefore one customers ballpark per sq ft price may not be YOUR ballpark per sq ft price. Things that will affect the price of your home are:

  • Square footage
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Roof pitch
  • Moving to your home to your location
  • On site work such as garage and porch
  • Cabinets (wood, door style, staggered or straight, distressing, roll-out trays etc)
  • Options including tile, windows (style, series, grilles, blinds), sinks, faucets, tubs, trim style and wood species, door style and wood species, lighting fixtures and undercabinet lighting, countertops, side splashes in bathrooms, tubs, showers, caddies, seats, mirrors (wood wrapped or standard), toilets, railings, half wall design, hardware for doors, outlets (standard, decora, usb or smart), thermostat, furnace, a/c, storage benches and fireplaces
  • Exterior finishes and details such as material used and eaves, gables, trim, soffits and siding

*THERE IS NOT SET PRICE for a plan in our catalog or on our web-site due to these many variables including the cost of inflation. Please refer to our catalog for options. Feel free to circle the ones you want and bring them in to your builder for pricing.

Once your house arrives, the roof will be raised (see trusses on right). The roof pitch you choose will affect your price as well other site work such as the porch you would like and or garages.