3 Bed • 2 Bath • 2,210 ft2

Rear elevations shown above. This plan offers a fabulous rear elevation and dream kitchen. Complete with a coffee bar/buffet area. A master bathroom option has been added to this plan that allows for a platform tub and Onyx base shower (from house 5540 with the closet door then opens from the bedroom (you have this option at any time on any plan where it can be done). A walk-in shower option with a bench from house 5704 is also available, note this may widen the size of the entry, so when choosing this pay close attention to final floorplan. The pictures of this plan speak volumes, see below.

LARGE PANTRY: If you would rather have 2 bedrooms and a large pantry you can turn bedroom #2 in to a pantry. Then take that closet space and add to Bath #1 or keep the space in the pantry. Or you can create a larger laundry by moving bath #1 up in to the new pantry space.

SMALLER PLAN: For 1,860 sq ft one piece plan stop the back of the house at the end of the kitchen and master bedroom. Take out the dining area and shorten the living room. If you don't need 3 bedrooms and an office you can flip the office and bedroom #3 and use that former office space as a dining area. You can also take away one master closet and move the stairs there to gain more space.

House 5540 front and back
Fullerton. Cabinets: Maple with Windom doors and Salem Maple stain with Cholocate glaze. Faucet: Moen Arbor is spot resistant stainless. House 5540
Fullerton. Opposite kitchen view showing additonal cabinets in the back (great coffee bar, or media space).
Plenty of room for kitchen stools at this raised bar.
Standard pantry (see below for one with roll out trays).
Kitchen island showing predomately drawers shown here.
Lazy susan and trash can.
Several undercabinet lighting options are available, Right: Tilt out tray for sponges etc.
There is a flood of light coming in this dining room.
Craftsman half wall with craftsman corbels.
Living room with optional fireplace.
House 5704 front
Fullerton 5704 back, still under construction at time of photo. 2,210 sq ft 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths and Office.
Fullerton. Cabinets: Preimum Maple Snow with Tescott Door. House 5704 Reverse Fullerton kitchen.
Pantry area cabinets: Premium Oak with Salem Maple Stain and Tescott doors.
Pantry with optional roll out trays. These cabinets make a great space for a coffee bar or media space.
Master bathroom with Walk-in shower. Master bathroom 72" double vanity and 24" linen cabinet (same as standard plan). Double mirrors shown. Cabinets: Premium Willow with Tescott doors.
House 5704 optional master bathroom with walk-in shower with bench (you can choose not to have a bench thus more room in the shower). Tile: Healthland Ashland color. Close up of walk-in shower from house 5704 with bench. The wall "bump" prevents water from getting out of the shower. Onyx shower base color: Granite Mystique.
Optional master bathroom House 5440. Tub: MAAX Optic 105743 platform tub, a freestanding tub would also fit. Shower: 60"x36" Onyx base shower.
Fullerton. Cabinets: Premium Maple with Windom doors and Salem Maple stain with a Chocolate glaze. House 5503.
Standard master bathroom shown with 60" shower and Tercet corner tub.
Vanity: Mystic color with Wave bowls. Mirror size: 64 1/2" x 33 5/8". Tile: Heathland 12x12 with Alabaster grout.