After kitchens the shower is the second most upgraded part of your home. Many people are going with a smaller sq footage home to indulge themselves with a walk-in shower.

Choices for Showers:
1) Size, color and type. Standard, Walk-in, full Onyx or tile?
2) Door: Fully frameless, framed hinged or frameless hinged with panel, bypass slider or curtain?
3) Tile or Onyx (gloss, matte, stone, slate, subway), to the ceiling? Accent tiles?
4) Lights, how many?
5) Shower heads: Rain shower, handheld, spray head or one that matches your faucets?
6) Built in bench, seats, ADA seat, shelfs, caddys or grab bars? What would help with shaving legs?
7) If you have an Onyx base shower is it low, high or ramped (ADA) profile?