Jamestown 1,540 sq ft


3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
Enjoy 3 different island options within the same kitchen layout. Opt for a boxout in bedroom #3 and the dining room for additional space. Other options include a fireplace, boxout windown in the kitchen sink/window area and a 60"x36" onyx base shower in the master. Like this plan, but need rooms a little larger with a walk-in shower option? Scroll down to the Jamestown B 1,771 sq ft plan below.

This plan has a large pantry for this sized home and 2 master closets!


Jamestown B 1,771 sq ft


3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

Want a walk-in shower, larger master closet, double vanity and larger bedrooms #2 and #3?
Then this is your plan. This is a 2' extension on width and length of the plan above. This makes bedrooms #2 and #3 larger. About 8" is taken from the dining and a little from the living room. The kitchen gains some space. The laundry will gain a closet, fold away ironing board is optional. The master bathroom extends to include a double bowl vanity (you can choose 1) and a walk-in shower with a bench. You could choose to have a standard shower or onyx base shower, speak with your builder or project manager. The linen closet moves to make the master closet significantly larger (3'). You could still choose any of the islands from above including a raised bar.

Either elevation works for both plans, or choose an elevation. porch and garage configuration you like from another plan. The plan below is from house 5727.