Bridgeport 1,426 sq ft


3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths
The master bathroom has an optional layout with a larger 96" double vanity with 24" linen vs the 66" in the standard plan with a 18" linen on the opposite side. Or you can opt to have shelves placed on either side of a 66" double vanity which is more economical and still looks great. If you prefer to have a closet in the entry choose the optional walk-in closet which allows for this. You can also choose to have a larger linen closet beside bedrooms 2 and 3 or have 2 seperate closets.

Photos: Below are of a former inventory home. Thus you will see the subfloor (most flooring was installed on-site) and protective coverings over other flooring. Images should help to show scale and space.

Kitchen layout.

Dining room with patio door.

Left: Master vanity. Right: Master shower (standard). Doors are missing as this house was ready to be shipped, thus they are not installed to protect them.

Left: Half bath vanity. Right: Half bath standard tub/shower.