McPherson Inventory Home

Inventory Model DB #MCP-18-1R-C-5682
Located:  Clay Center, KS                                                            
Size:  28'x60'    1,698 SQFT
3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths

Photos of the actual home are below.
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The garage can be front facing as shown or side facing (doors to the side). 

This home has many modern features! A nice sized pantry by the kitchen a half bath located soon after walking in from the garage, perfect for farmers or guests. Two closets in the master suite along with a double sink vanity and linen closet. Enjoy a nice sized island in the kitchen. A fabulous show stopper to this home is in a new media center located outside the master. With a desk and plenty of space, store the mail and families electronics for charging here, which allows your kitchen space to truely surve it's true purpose and not as a catch all. You can also use this versitile space for extra kitchen storage or additional pantry items. An additional full bathroom between the extra bedrooms has a linen closet. Bedroom #3 has built in shelves and could easily function as an office should a thrid bedroom not be needed. 

 Elevation images are conceptual only and may differ from finished home. Contact your Authorized Wardcraft Builder for specific details. Click here for the feature list to this home.

Note: This elevation shows a porch, garage and trim. Porches, gables and garages are built on site and dependingon the preference and budget of the owner. This plan can look different depending on those added features.




Buffet, media center


2nd bathroom

Pantry & shelves in bedroom #3

Half bath


Note: Master bathroom is not shown but can be seen in video tour.