Alexandria IV 1,895 sq ft

This plan has 2 versions. Scroll down for plan B
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths & Office for orginal plan
3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths for plan B

The differences between the orginal plan (above) and plan B (below) are in the office and master bathrooms. The orginal plan has an office where plan B has an extensive master closet and larger entrance closet. Plan B has a corner tub where plan A has a tub and shower side by side. Because the orginal plan has an office you will see the windows vary on the left side of the house. Plan A has bookshelves outside the master suite where Plan B has a small closet (you can modify this easily for whichever you like better, or take it out.

This shows an Alexandria IV plan with a smaller roof pitch and front facing garage.


This plan features a walk-in closet vs an office and a corner tub seperated from the shower unlike the orginal plan above. There is also a small closet outside the master bedroom vs bookselves in the oginal plan (easy to modify). The entry closet will be larger and the exterior windows differ from the plan above.