Clay Center III
1,635 sq ft - 2,580 sq ft (5 versions)

1-4 Bedrooms, 2-3 Baths & Office

This is a plan with 5 versions (scroll down for more). The B & C version will match this elevation. The D version would end at the 3 windows on the left and there will only be one window on the right. The home exterior was just completed at the time of this photo.

B version 2,302 sq ft 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths and Office
This is a new plan bound to be popular. It showcases a large island in the kitchen and raised cabinets, a pantry with roll out trays, with additional pantry space accross from the bench with caddies. The laundry area is abundant with a lot of storage space (you could opt to give some of that closet space to the office). You could take the office and make it a 4th bedroom by converting some of the closet space from the laundry to the bedroom.

The master bathroom features a fabulous walkin in Onyx shower with a small wall to stop the water from flowing out. Two caddies are close by for ample space. One of the vanities has small cubbies located on top for storage. Should this not suite your needs they are easy to eliminate (think of moving the sink to the left or right and adding a full linen cabinet). Want a tub? Look at the orginal Clay Center III at the bottom, take that master bath and replace it with this one, or create your own in this space.

This image shows the Clay Center III B version kitchen. Cabinets: Premium Maple with Mission door Style and natural Finish. Tile: Streamline Dorian (color) subway. Countertops: Corian in Silver Birch Trim: Mountain. The C version would give you 36" vs 24" where the roll out trays are expanding the pantry opening further to the left, and looking like 2 cabinet doors, with a hidden walk-in pantry behind them.

Clay Center III B & C master bathroom vanity #1 with storage cabinets on vanity (can be removed). Cabinets: Premium Alder with Mission doors and natural stain.

All plans bath #1

Clay Center III B roll out trays in kitchen, versions D and E have 48". Photo shows 24" trays in plan B.

Clay Center III B & orginal Clay Center III
closet pantry

Clay Center III original, B & C laundry. This is one amazing laundry area! Plenty of space for storage, look on the plan to see the large closet area that would be opposite this pic! Mountain trim shown with Streamline (Dorian) subway tiles. Alder cabinets with natural stain and Mission doors shown.

C version 2,482 sq ft, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Baths and Office:
Take all the above from the B version and add a 4th bedroom all under 2,500 sq ft. Now add a large WALK-IN pantry to the kitchen hiden by cabinet doors. This plan shows the office having closet space and additional closet space in the hall area (the smaller pantry had been removed as you now have a walk-in). A 4th bedroom has been added to the front of the house (laundry moved to back) and a closet has been added to the office which could also be a 5th bedroom. If you’d like the 5th bedroom larger consider adding a foot or two to this box (making it 29' or 30' which could also give you more room in the first bathroom (perhaps adding 5' shower).

Version F House 5632 2,580 sq ft 4 BR 3 Baths with Office

This was a customers changes to the C version. Request house 5632. Please note the master bath is ADA, so the shower and sink closest to the shower are ADA, you would need to change the master bathroom if you do not want these features. A wal-in shower or standard shower will fit here with adjustements to the master closet.


D version 1,811 sq ft, 1-2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths with a possible office
This is the same kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom layout as the above plans (smaller pantry). However this is a 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1 piece plan. The laundry takes the place of the 3rd bedroom and is nice and spacious. There is a pocket door between the laundry and master bathroom to put your clothes away easily or have a close bathroom easily available for those wanting that feature coming in from the garage. Don’t need the second bedroom? Make it an office for a 1 bedroom plan.


E version 1,635 sq ft, 1-2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths with a possible office
Some times great things come in smaller packages. While we will highlight what changes between the D version and E, this plan still packs the same great features in a more economical size with 176 les square feet than the D version.

This is the same kitchen as the above plans with a 48" pantry with roll out trays same as the D version. The difference in this and the D version is 3' less room in dining with the center window being taken out of the dining area which would also affect the elevation shown at the top of this page. Some space and cabinets have been taken out in the laundry and cubbies added. This plan is 28' x 58', the windows on each side of the living room patio door have been taken out. The master bath extra vanity has been taken out and a 18" linen cabinet has been added. This also shows an alternate bathroom below with a walk-in onyx shower. A regular shower vs the 72" showers can be added to the plans above also.