Astoria II 1,860 sq ft

3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

This is one of our most popular plans.

This home has been modified to have 4 windows together in the front (living room photo below)

This elevation has been modified and flipped so the master is on the right hand side of the house.


Cabinets: Knotty Hickory, Fontana Door, Salem Maple w/ Chocolate Glaze 
Tile: 25316/FP Marini Gray. Countertop color: #1820-35 Belle Noche

You can achieve this bar by converting Bedroom #3 to an office and taking out the closet (which then becomes a bar for the kitchen side).

Standard bathroom shown. See below for an optional bathroom configuration without a tub.

These windows above the bed are very popular, letting in light while still being able to place furniture on the wall. The living room shown has 4 windows in a row (optional).

This is an OPTIONAL bathroom configuration showing a walk-in shower. It is not currently shown in the plan, you can ask for it.

Close up of shower floor with onyx base and Onyx tiled walls (optional shower) with bench. The wall to the left in left photo and right in the right photo is an important part of keeping the water in the shower, thus elimating the need for a shower door or curtain. A high vs low profile base is also important in keeping the water in the shower (shown above in tall pic of shower).