Amherst 1,198-1,456 sq ft

2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths 1,456 (scroll down for smaller plan)

As with all of our homes the below elevation can change depending on preferences (such as roof pitch) and budget, including garages and porches built on site.

Please note there are two changes from the plan and the photo above. The plan shows the island moved back to align with the depth of the wall to the left so there is more room in the kitchen. The pantry space is also larger in the plan than in the photo shown.


Amherst B 1,198 sq ft 2 BR, 2 Bath
The pantry has been moved to the left and fridge to the right where the pantry with roll out trays was. The island is smaller (a 30" cabinet was removed) than the above floorplan and photo to account for the smaller kitchen. Room sizes will vary also.